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Dr. I-Net History

• Initiated in 1992
• Online physician management ASP based service, which integrates medical records and billing.
• Global EMR database to improve doctor and insurance billing.
• Content, connectivity, commerce, specific health information, medical directory, e-health commerce.


• Federal Employee Program(FEP)/ Dr. I-Net/ contract # FEP06-9809, to provide an electronic Personal Health Record (PHR) to 4.6 million covered FEP Members
• EMR system for individual practices
• Automated Claim Filing.

C.A.L. History

• CAL was formed in 1989 to provide research, design and development services to high-tech organizations and government agencies.
• CAL has completed key projects for IBM, Motorola, AT&T, Lucent and Coulter electronics in robotics, automation, computers systems integration and IT.

Clients Served

• The principal of CAL was manager for technical operations for miniaturized portable defibrillator program for the U.S. Military.
• Blue Cross Blue Shield Association: Online Personal Health Record Services
• MICROSOFT: Database design and development
• AT&T Process Design and Documentation
• COULTER: Design and documentation of products and projects related to blood analyzer systems.

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